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New Meeting Spaces and Times!!!

We will be meeting at 9am this Saturday Dec. 1 at the warehouse at HCC (practice field) to start prepping and packing for our move to TCTC.


We will be meeting Thursday Dec. 6 from 6-8pm in our new location at the Tri-County Technical College Oconee Campus.


We will meeting on Saturday Dec. 8 to move everything from HCC to the Tri-County Technical College Oconee Campus.


Here’s a picture of our students getting a tour of the new facility! More pictures and videos will be posted soon!



All 6 weeks of hard work, ups and downs, and many hours from everyone produced a beautiful robot named R00mbah! Only 1 week until our Palmetto Regional in Myrtle Beach, SC! We are all very excited and can not wait to get out there!!


R00mbah bagged(bagged and tagged at 10:30 last night)


It’s Almost Time!

Only a little under 2 weeks until Bag ‘N Tag!!! The “pressure” is building quickly! We are going to keep the site as updated as we can throughout the build and throughout our competitions.

Begin: The Final Countdown!!!!

(Also, puns may or may not be a big thing that we can not help right now)


Don’t forget to also stay up to date with us on our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!!

Twitter: @FRCTeam343

Insta: frcteam343

Facebook: FRC Team 343 Metal In Motion


2017 STEAMWORKS is officially underway everyone! We are so very excited to see what lightbulbs went off in our students minds during kick-off! Tonight we WILL be meeting 6pm-8pm to discuss strategies and robot design. Cant wait to see everyone there!

2 Days Until Kick Off!!

That’s right you guys! Kick off is in 2 days!!!! We are all so very excited and can not wait until we get to finally see what Steamworks is all about!


We will not be meeting today (1/5/17).


For kick-off, we will be meeting at 10am in the large conference room.


Image result for steamworks frc 2 days

SCRIW Update

After a long day in Columbia, SC for the South Carolina Robotic Invitational and Workshops, Metal In Motion came into Rank 3 behind 3490 Viper Drive (Rank 2) and 281 Green Villains (Rank 1). For Alliance selections we were happily chosen by Viper Drive onto the 2nd Alliance. For the 3rd and 4th picks of the 2nd alliance, 1398 Robo Raiders and 2815 Blue Devil Mechanics. We thank our alliance again for doing such a wonderful job, and Viper Drive for choosing us for your alliance. Congratulations to our opponents for putting up a great game. Everyone competed their best and it was a good game. Can’t wait for the build season!Displaying FullSizeRender.jpg(Drive teams from 343, 3490, 2815, and 1398 listed in order from left to right)

To learn more about SCRIW, follow this link:

To learn more about FRC or FIRST, follow this link:



Informational Meeting

Today’s the day! September 15, 2016. Our informational meeting for all new members or those interested in joining robotics is taking place TONIGHT! The party is all going to be at the Hamilton Career Center from 6pm – 8pm!


T-7 hours and 49 minutes!

New Member Informational Meeting Reminder

To any and all students from any school in Oconee County or home schooled who would like to become a member of Metal In Motion or even would just learn more about FIRST Robotics, you are invited to our info meeting which is in 2 weeks exactly! If you like robots, working with your hands, programming, designing, you name it, there’s something for everyone when you join our team! We are looking forward to meeting our new members and spreading the word about FIRST Robotics!!

If you don’t have the place, time, and date set, it will be taking place at HCC from 6 to 8 PM.

For those who either do not know where the HCC is or you would like an address, it is provided below.

Hamilton Career Center
100 Vocational Dr,
Seneca, SC 29672

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, you may message us on Facebook or Twitter.
Facebook: FRC Team 343 Metal In Motion
Twitter: @FRCTeam343

Rocket City Regional

We have just returned from the Rocket City Regional in Huntsville, Alabama!


We are so grateful for our amazing alliance partners 2783 and 1706! We were a great alliance and made it to quarterfinals where we tied twice (we were credited with one loss and one win) then lost the third match! The most important part is that we had fun and were able to cheer on everyone else!


We did also win one award and that is the gracious professionalism award! We would like to give a huge thanks to everyone who nominated us!


We are a little sad that we didn’t qualify for championship but it has been a great season!

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