Rocket City Regional

We have just returned from the Rocket City Regional in Huntsville, Alabama!


We are so grateful for our amazing alliance partners 2783 and 1706! We were a great alliance and made it to quarterfinals where we tied twice (we were credited with one loss and one win) then lost the third match! The most important part is that we had fun and were able to cheer on everyone else!


We did also win one award and that is the gracious professionalism award! We would like to give a huge thanks to everyone who nominated us!


We are a little sad that we didn’t qualify for championship but it has been a great season!

Palmetto Results

Our alliance with team 4547 Westytek and team 2614 MARS recently made the regional finalists at our Palmetto Regional. We would like to thank Westytek for picking us for their alliance partners and MARS for joining the alliance. Overall before alliance selection, we came in 11th place. Thanks for all the support from home! We will continue to keep all of our sites updated throughout competitions.

Team Update #2

We are all very excited for Wednesday, February 24th! That morning, we will be heading out for the FIRST Palmetto Regional!


All students are reminded to be at the HCC at 8:30 am sharp. We will be leaving no later than 9 am.


Team update

We have all of the defenses built and the tower is almost complete.

Side plates for track system are being machined.

We have an electronics board put together for a practice robot.

Chairman’s is coming along well, the essay is written and there are many ideas for the video.

There are many prototypes being developed for shooting mechanisms.

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